Brad Thor's Foreign Agent

This month at The Big Thrill I got to interview a New York Times Best-Seller author. Here´s my take on Brad Thor and his newest novel Foreign Agent

Meeting the real James Bond

For the month of June at The Big Thrill, I had the chance to interview Larry Loftis about his new book, a non-fiction tale about the man who was the inspiration to Ian Flemming´s James Bond.
But more shockingly still, is the proof that J. Edgar Hoover received information about Japan´s intention to launch an attack on Pearl Harbor but kept it quiet, until now...

Into the Lion’s Mouth by Larry Loftis

The True Story of Dusko Popov—World War II Spy, Patriot, and the Real-Life Inspiration for James Bond

Read the intervieww here:

I got to interview David Baldacci

Every once in a while working for The Big Thrill decks you a chance to interview one of your stars. This month I had the opportunity to interview David Baldacci, and read an ARC of his lates novel The Last Mile.

Writing About a World Not Black and White

Cambodia Noir in The Big Thrill

In the latest edition of The Big Thrill, I had the opportunity to read Cambodia Noir by Nick Seeley.

Here´s the interview as published last week:

March edition of The Big Thrill

Somebody at The Big Thrill must have thought I resented not having written a story for February--that was not the case--but still, now for March I'm pleased to say I have two, and they were quite different.

Peter Steiner's THE CAPITALIST

Author and cartoonist Peter Steiner writes about the a financial tycoon who thought he could get away with millions of his investor's dollars, until Louis Morgon, a defrocked CIA agent takes an interest in the situation. 

Read the interview here:

Mathew Betley's OVERWATCH

This is a debut author with his introduction of an action-packed globe-trotting hero Logan West. Logan is a former Marine officer and relapsing alcoholic who wakes up from a booze-induced sleep only to find a hitman next to him. 

Read the interview here:  

And of course, there are plenty of other awesome books you may want to catch on with just by reading the e-zine here: